How to Get Pregnant Faster? | 09 Tips for Faster Pregnancy

What is Pregnancy?

This content does not belong to kids and 18+ are very well familiar with the term pregnancy. When a couple engages in intercourse, male sperm enters the female vagina. These sperms travel through the womb and cervix, uniting in the fallopian tube, initiating the fertilization of the egg, ultimately leading to pregnancy. There can be chances that having intercourse for many times, some female do not get pregnant. There is no need to worry. We will provide you few tips to become pregnant faster.

9 Tips for Couples to Boost Fertility to Get Pregnant

Females in their 20s to 30s get pregnant more quickly than older individuals. In some cases, pregnancy can take a long time. However, if pregnancy is delayed, consulting a doctor can enhance the chances of conception. Many individuals hesitate to visit doctors or do not ask for suggestions and tips for quick pregnancy from their elders. They are advised to practice our tips to increase the chance for being pregnant.

How Frequency Affects Pregnancy Chances

Newly married couples sometimes engage in daily intercourse, which, while not detrimental to health. It can decrease pregnancy odds during ovulation. Experts recommend intercourse every other night around the time of ovulation to optimize the chances of getting pregnant.

Goldfarb says: “When the ovulation period ends, you can do meet up; it can increase the chances of getting pregnant.” In the female’s body, the male sperms live up to 5 days. According to expert health care specialists, regular sex increases your pregnancy chances.

According to Piscitelli, “When you wear tight clothes it lasts negative impacts on the sperm count.” Some bad habits of your partner need to be changed. According to a study on Fertility and Sterility, “When your partner keeps the cell phone near to testicles and extra use of hands-free, may decrease the sperm quality.”

Do Sex Positions Matter for Pregnancy?

Contrary to popular belief, the position in which you engage in intercourse does not significantly affect pregnancy. Man must ejaculate into the vagina. However, deep penetration can increase the likelihood of conception, as it brings sperm closer to the cervix. Recommended positions include man on top, lying down, and face to face. Placing a pillow under the female’s hips during sex can also enhance sperm speed towards the cervix.

Note: The above mention suggestions are not proven scientifically. You can try these on your own.

Right Positions on the Bed After Intercourse

Staying in bed for 15-20 minutes after intercourse is recommended to prevent pelvic movement, increasing the chances of sperm reaching the cervix. Goldfarb advises against going to the washroom immediately after intercourse, as waiting allows the sperm to find the right way.

Staying for some time in bed after intercourse increases the chances of getting pregnant. Your feet must be in the air after intercourse or place two pillows under your feet. Maybe it’s not totally true. Goldfarb said, “I suggest you lie on the bed after the meet-up at least for 15- 20 minutes. Keep your feet in the air.” The benefit of it is that your pelvis does not move. He also said; right after intercourse when you go to the washroom may decrease pregnancy chances. When you wait for 15-20 minutes, the sperm that is going to take place in the cervix will get the right way.

A Healthy Lifestyle for Faster Pregnancy

Adopting a healthy lifestyle can significantly increase the chances of pregnancy. As you know when pregnancy took place, many challenges occur in the body. Before any complications, you need to prepare yourself and take important steps towards a healthy lifestyle.

Follow some steps for a healthy lifestyle and increase pregnancy chances:

  • Make a plan for your meal.
  • Regularly visit your doctor.
  • Do some exercises on a daily basis.
  • Stop taking any harmful medicines/birth control pills.
  • Do not smoke.
  • How to Recognize Symptoms of Ovulation for Faster Conception

Monitoring ovulation symptoms is crucial for couples struggling for pregnancy. These symptoms may include light spotting, stretchy clear cervical mucus, increased libido, breast sensitivity, bloating, and sudden changes in basal body temperature.

Stop Smoking to Enhance Fertility

Smoking adversely affects both male and female fertility. Quitting smoking is crucial for those aspiring to have healthy babies, as it can negatively impact DNA and lead to serious complications during pregnancy.

Optimal Frequency of Intercourse

According to research and the opinion of the Practice Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine having more than 15 times, sex in a month helps you to get pregnant faster. Doing intercourse every day can lead to burnout, but after two days having sex help you to make the baby faster. Frequent intercourse helps you to increase sperm count.

Importance of Emotional Factor

Reducing stress and fostering emotional well-being can positively impact fertility. Engage in activities that bring joy and relaxation, such as meditation, yoga, or spending quality time together.

Dietary Habits for Fertility

Maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet is crucial for fertility. Include foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Stay hydrated and consider incorporating fertility-boosting foods like walnuts and salmon into your diet.

Bottom Lines:

While the above-mentioned tips can enhance the chances of getting pregnant faster, it’s essential to consult with a gynecologist before adopting them. Professional advice ensures personalized recommendations for a successful journey to conception.

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