15 Benefits of Sex for Men and Women

Sex is a pleasurable activity with your partner, but the question is: is it good for your health? Why do people have to do sex? Why do they feel pleasure during intercourse? What are the benefits of sex for men and women? In this article, we are going to explore about benefits of sex. We tell you how much sex you should do to stay fresh and healthy.

Who does not know the word sex? It is a taboo subject, which parents do not talk about. Sex education is the most important topic which is not discussed in our society. Your mind considers it as a pleasurable activity. The demand for intercourse never diminishes. When you do intercourse with your partner, it gives you pleasure and increases the bonding between both of you. When you do sex, it not only brings pleasure but is also beneficial to health for both men and women. 

The act performed under the sheets not only brings pleasure but also brings emotional and physical compatibility to your partner. Sex always fascinates but, in reality, it is the most common method to reproduce and survive the race.

Many types of research have revealed that intercourse brings positive energy to your body, preventing heart diseases and even boosting your immunity. It elevates your mood, and mental well-being and helps to create strong bonding.

Here are the health benefits of sex for men and women. Every man and woman must know about these benefits of sex that is why they are doing sex.


Benefits of Sex for Men


Increase Your Immunity With Intercourse/sex

It is one of the foremost effects of sex. It increases the antibodies in the body. Psychological reports revealed that “the person who had intercourse one or two times a week can boost their IGA secretion”. These antibodies prevent the body from flu and fever. So, if you are married, you must go for sex once a week to increase your immunity system performance.

Men Can Improve Heart Health While Doing Sex

Intercourse with your partner can improve heart health. The American Heart Association stated that “the issues of blood pressure are higher in males than females”. The National Institute of Health (NIH) concluded that “intercourse has positive feedback to the things cause high blood pressure in males than those who masturbated or do not have sex”.

It is stated that “cardiac arrest in women is less due to intercourse with their partner (2016)”. However, it also concluded that higher intercourse can bring strain to the heart mostly in males. So, it is essential to check the intercourse intensity and regularity for the proper functioning of the heart.

Prostate Cancer Risks Can Be Reduced With Regular Sex

The American Cancer Association (ACA) states that “the chances of prostate cancer increase in males and females when they keep themselves away from sex for a long time”. The study depicts that, “the person who ejaculated 21 times more in a month had 33% less chance of prostate as compared to men who ejaculated 2 or 3 times in a month”. By ejaculating, harmful material is secreted out of the body.

Increase Your Lifespan While Doing Sex

Research on rats has shown that those who had regular sex lived longer than those who didn’t. The same goes for humans. A study of 409 males and females showed that “those who had sex once or twice a week had a 50% chance of living longer than those who didn’t have sex at all”. The benefits of sex don’t stop there. It can also improve your mental health, help you sleep better, and reduce stress levels.

Relieve Body Pain With Regular Intercourse

Man and women can reduce their body pain while doing regular sex. As you know, sexual activity brings pleasure as well as relieves pain in the body. Neurologist finds that it helps to relieve migraine (sudden outburst of pain in some individuals). Endorphin is a natural painkiller, which is induced by intercourse. In some studies about pain, it is concluded that “women have increased pain tolerance when having vaginal sex”. The research conducted in Germany states that “60% of people who performed intercourse reported relief in migraine.”

Men Can Relieve Stress After Intercourse

It is a natural thing to meet up with your partner and get pleasure. Let me tell you that, sex helps men to relieve stress and makes them happy. The body released hormones after intercourse known as “feel-good hormones”. The intimacy whether it is simply hugging or intercourse activity can enhance its production. It is also called “happy” hormones. These chemicals induce the production of “serotonin” in the body, which is an anti-depressant of the body.

Note: In males, the ratio of stress is higher than in females, that’s why they want to do more sex as compared to women.

Does Sex Improve Your Fitness?

Yes! It can increase your fitness and make you more fit and active. You go to the gym to crab out your fat and to reduce your body line. But, to burn out fat and to make you physically fit, intercourse is preferable. This is not the claim; research revealed that half an hour of sex can burn out more than 100 calories.

Can Sex Improve Your Sleep?

Yes! In many studies about sex, “it has mentioned that men fall asleep immediately after sex as compared to women”. Insomnia (deprivation of sleep) is one of the leading conditions in the world. In the human population, the ratio of insomnia increased from 30 % to 40%. Sexual activity helps in improving sleep claimed to National Sleep Foundation. The hormone cortisol which has a major role in reducing stress also helps in inducing sleep. OxyContin, dopamine, and endorphins are released by the body after intercourse in females. Prolactin is released by the female body after orgasm. It brings satisfaction and relaxation to the body.

Now, we are going to tell you what the benefits of sex/intercourse are for women. So, continue your reading and know the intercourse benefits.


Health Benefits of Sex for Women


Sex Improves Libido in Women

Cortisol is a steroid hormone that is present in blood circulation. Its concentration exceeds in stressful situations. Its increased concentration can cause less testosterone production which diminishes libido in males. Intercourse increases libido, especially in females. During sex, increased vaginal stimulation, lubrication, and elasticity in the cervix help women crave more sex.

Pelvic Floor Strength May Increase With Regular Sex

The pelvic floor is an important part of the body. It helps to support the baby during pregnancy. Having a strong pelvic floor is a good sign of proper delivery. When you do sex regularly it helps you to strengthen your pelvic floor. The toxicity of muscles is maintained due to contraction and relaxation during sex.

Sex Can Be a Brain Activity Enhancer

Archives of sexual behavior concluded that women’s memory improved due to regular sex. The results of the world memory task found that “women with regular penetrative intercourse had better memory recognition. In the human brain, the hippocampus hormone is present which increases memory power during sex.

Regular Sex Builds Self-confidence in a Woman

There are lots of health benefits of sex for man and women but regular sex increase your confidence more than anything. Self-esteem is also been enhanced after intercourse other than physical aspects of sex. Psychology and Personality Science found that “sex increases the self-confidence of the students who have casual sex in their universities as compared to students who are virgins”.

Bottom Lines on Benefits of Sex for Men and Women

Sex is very much essential for the emotional well-being of mankind as stated by science. Intercourse is considered healthy and brings intimacy to partners but if not monitored then poses a health threat. People who do perform sex without using protection can have the chance to have sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancies. Using protection in form of contraceptives and condoms can avoid these types of complications. 



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