11 Tips to Avoid Pregnancy | Prevent Pregnancy

Sometimes people try to prevent pregnancy even if they are sexually active. They love to enjoy their sexual life after marriage for a few years. That is why they should know some facts when they decide to avoid pregnancy. However, abstaining from sex helps you to avoid pregnancy, but sometimes it is impossible because of the sexual attraction of your partner. Using condoms is also the best option to avoid pregnancy. Here, we are sharing some methods and home remedies that will help you prevent pregnancy. Let us get started right now.

Use Male Condoms to Prevent Pregnancy

The role of condoms is most important to prevent pregnancy, and it protects you against STIs. With the use of condoms, you can protect yourself from sexual hormones and can enjoy sexual life without the risk of being pregnant. According to research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): “there are 80% chances to prevent pregnancy when males correctly use condoms”

How to Use Male Condoms Correctly?

  • Focus on the correct size.
  • It must be on the head of the erect penis, if in case it is uncircumcised, pull your skin back first.
  • Do not let the air enter the condom.
  • Avoid perfumed condoms.
  • While pulling down the condom be careful, do not tear it.
  • When you feel free after intercourse, pull down the condom out of the vagina more carefully.
  • Be sure that condoms are not from old stock.
  • Dispose of used condoms carefully, for next time buy new ones.

How Female Condoms Help in Preventing Pregnancy

Unlike male condoms, female condoms are also available on the market to prevent pregnancy. You can use them instead of male condoms but it can be dangerous and may be the reason for many health issues. We suggest you do not use them.

Male condoms are 80% effective and they are 79% effective for contraception. In many drugstores, these are selling but in local stores, these are in less stock. You can buy female condoms from stores if you want to use them.

Birth Control Pills to Avoid Pregnancy

You can prevent pregnancy while using some pills. These birth control pills are available in two types; one can stop your menstruation cycle, and the second type cannot stop it.

In the U.S., most females use birth control pills and this is the most common method. The research by National Health Service (NHS) in the UK mentioned that according to the prescription, condoms are 99% effective to prevent pregnancy. If you use them randomly, these will also show their result up to 95%.

Two types of birth control pills are available on the market

The combined pill: In these birth control pills, two types of female hormones are present. These hormones are progestin and estrogen. These pills are for daily use as the doctor prescribes.

The mini-pill: In these birth control pills, only progestin is present. If you use these birth control pills at 8 p.m., on the next day they must be used at 8 p.m. do not take a break while using these pills.

How Does Vaginal Ring Help You to Avoid Pregnancy?

Another good way to prevent pregnancy is the Nuva ring also known as the birth control ring according to the NHS. This ring is 99% effective to avoid pregnancy but if you use it in the wrong way, its effectiveness will decrease up to 95%.

Almost after three weeks after placing the Nuva ring, it starts releasing hormones that prevent pregnancy. When your menstrual cycle starts, remove this ring for 7 days, before inserting a new ring.

Can Home Remedies Help You to Avoid Pregnancy?

Yes! Home remedies are the most effective ways to prevent pregnancy/birth control. These are the most important ways to avoid pregnancy with good health. You can practice birth control home remedies at home because they are safe and easy. However, if you have no other option, you can adopt these methods.

Queen Anne’s lace: This herb prevents you from the implantation of eggs. You must eat this herb after unprotected intercourse.

Neem to avoid pregnancy: This herb is known as spermicidal and used since ancient times to prevent pregnancy. In many herbal medicines that are used for pregnancy, neem is present.

Pro tip: You can also use pennyroyal, blue and black cohosh, and parsley to prevent pregnancy.

Dry Fruits and Fruits to Avoid Pregnancy

There are many fruits in the market that help you to control birth. There are some fruits that you should use after unsafe intercourse and some before intercourse to avoid pregnancy.

Papaya to Reduce the Chances of Pregnancy

Sometimes a couple does unsafe sex, but they do not want to get pregnant. After an unsafe sexual activity, use papaya to prevent pregnancy. After intercourse eat papaya for 4-5 days to help you in birth control because it reduces the sperm count.

Use Ginger to Prevent Pregnancy

Ginger has been used since ancient times to get rid of many diseases. According to some of the old sayings, “ginger can help you to avoid pregnancy.”

Take some ginger and grind it in a grinder. Boil this grated ginger in water and consume it for a week continuously to prevent pregnancy.

Note: Sometimes, the use of home remedies does not have 100% granted results.

Eat Apricot | Avoid Pregnancy

If you want to avoid pregnancy in a natural way, you should eat apricot. Make one glass of apricot beverage to prevent pregnancy. Take 100 grams of dried apricot, one cup of water, and two tablespoons of honey. Boil the water and mix the above-given ingredients. This beverage has a great taste and helps you with birth control.

How Dried Fig Help You in Birth Control

When you use dry fig, it increases your blood circulation and also prevents pregnancy. Since ancient times, dried fig has been on the top list to avoid pregnancy. If you eat 1-2 dried figs after intercourse, it helps you to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Note: Excessive use of dry figs can upset your stomach.


The Bottom Line

Above all, given home remedies are not foolproof methods to avoid pregnancy. You can only use them when you have no other option. We, at literaryapple.com, are not giving any proof about the above-mentioned home remedies to prevent pregnancy. It is all up to you whether you use them or not. 

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